• Garage door professionals for over 24 years

  • Are you in the market for an upgrade or repair for your garage doors in Alton, Illinois? JAS Overhead Doors specializes in the installation of residential and commercial garage doors, equipped with features that increase performance, durability, and safety. Our automatic garage door solutions are designed to last. We have over 24 years of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on being the local experts on all things related to your commercial and residential garage doors. If you are ready to elevate your garage to the next level, contact us for our ideal solutions!

  • residential garage sizes alton il

    Our selection of styles, colors and materials are unmatched. From steel, wood, insulated or retractable doors – we have a vast selection.

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  • commercial overhead doors alton illinois

    Does your business need overhead doors? We provide sectional and aluminum, rolling steel, wood, insulated and non-insulated and more!

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  • garage door replacement alton il

    If you need a basic repair or garage door parts, we have the skills and hardware to complete the task and restore your garage doors.

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  • garage door openers alton illinois

    We have an assortment of residential openers and commercial openers including fire doors, gate operating systems and more.

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  • Commercial & Residential Garage Doors

    For our commercial clients, we provide numerous styles and materials that fit your business. If you want rolling service doors for insulation or sectional steel doors for your auto hobby shop – JAS Overhead Doors has you covered. With various options and possibilities, we are confident that we have the perfect garage doors for you. As for our residential clients, we specialize in the installation of traditional, contemporary, and the popular carriage house style for your garage doors. Read below to discover more of our options.

  • Garage Door Types & Materials

    • Traditional
    • Contemporary
    • Retractable Garage Door Screens
    • Carriage House Styles
    • Ultra-Grain
    • Wood
    • Steel
    • Composite
    • Glass
    • Aluminum
    • More…
  • Commercial Options

    • Insulation Options
    • Rolling Steel Commercial Doors
    • Durability & Low Maintenance
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Fire Doors
    • Sectional + Aluminum Sectional
    • Garage Door Openers
    • Wood Doors
    • Access Control Systems
    • Overhead Doors
    • Gate Operating Systems
  • Garage Door Repairs

    Garage doors are simple to understand and often require minimal maintenance; however, when yours does malfunction, it is best to call the professionals right away to prevent further damage and increased costs. If you need garage door repairs in Alton, Illinois – trust your local experts. Our most popular repair services include:

    • Garage door motor repair and replacement
    • Garage door sensor issues
    • Excessive noise coming from garage door
    • Garage door section replacement
    • Spring malfunctions
    • Track re-alignments
  • Garage Door Openers

    Your choice in garage door opener systems varies depending on your situation. Detached garages are ideal for chain drives; this system is noisier, which is not as big of an issue with an unattached garage, but the cost is the least expensive of the three options. Attached garages tend to have belt drives for reliability and noise-reduction, allowing for a quiet entrance and exit. Lastly, screw drive systems are favored because they tend to need the least maintenance and they perform with optimal durability. We provide quality accessories to increase your convenience; whether you need a gate operator for your housing community, keyless entry pads, or universal remotes – JAS Overhead Doors products are designed to last. For more information about how we can help you, call us today!

  • Why JAS?

    If you are looking for dependable and powerful solutions for your garage doors – JAS Overhead Doors is the obvious choice. With our wide-ranging services, products, and superior customer service, it is easy to see why we are Alton, Illinois' number one solution for their garage door installation, repair, and replacement services. Contact us today for a free estimate!